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About Us

"liBeyrouth for living arts and culture" is a non governmental organization founded by Chadi Zein in 2018. It aims to create and promote art and culture in all their forms, as well as relational and non-violent communication, Love, Peace, Well-being and Beauty in society.

hi there, we are liBeyrouth.ensemble

Our association aspires to promote an evolved and contemporary image of Beirut and Lebanon of today, in Lebanon and abroad. All of our works in the frame of “liBeyrouth for living arts and culture” target all social classes and all age brackets.

liBeyrouth.ensemble intends

to make arts accessible for all; everyone has the right to take part in beneficial cultural manifestations, to watch artistic, entertaining, educational and creative performances.
Art is the nourishing, entertaining and inspiring breath of society.
It contributes to the positive evolution, to questioning and to social well-being.

our aims

we present our aims

      Our association aims to promote arts and culture through its creations and trough workshops given for adults and children.
Driven by many knowledgeable professionals and pedagogues from liBeyrouth.ensemble circle, these workshops address:
> All performing and living arts: theatre, cinema, music, singing, creative dance, voice and presence.
> Fine arts: drawing, painting, sculpture, hand crafts and mix-media creative work.
> Workshops on Relational Communication, ESPERE Method® in all sectors of society and in all dynamics of human relationships: couple relationship, parent-child relationship, professional relationships and team building, caregiver-patient relationship, teacher-student relationship, relationship to self, to illness, to loss, to mourning and to separations.
      Thus, permitting a better healthier relational ecology in all sectors of the Lebanese society.
liBeyrouth.ensemble engages in supporting all what serves Human Rights, as well as social, cultural and civil Equality, in addition to communicating a positive image, that is contemporary, humanistic, artistically and culturally elaborated, realistic – but yet, striving towards an optimistic perspective of Beirut and Lebanon today.